I got it from my mama...


When my mom asks me if my ex is still single


And my grandma agrees with her

Aug 7


  • Meeting up my mom for my grandma's birthday
  • Me: hi mom!
  • Mom: hey sweetie! So happy to see you (then proceeds to point to my face). What's going on here, are you breaking out?
  • ** oh geez thanks mama so nice to see you too**

When my mom asks why I didn’t marry my high school boyfriend


and I’m just like…


My mom. And my grandma. And my aunt. And …


  • Mom: (points to the DKNY section) I really like that "denky" brand
  • Me: *turn around and leave her in the store*

When my mom tells me how proud she is that I can pay my rent and afford all my expenses without a husband


and I’m like..

every. single. time. Thanks Chris Bill, this image is gold

every. single. time. Thanks Chris Bill, this image is gold

Apr 5

Intelligent phone

  • Mom: (who owns a smartphone but only uses it to call and text) "you made my phone intelligent! Now I can check my emails. It is wi-fi"
  • Me: *le sigh*
When my mom cancels Sunday Night dinner

When my mom cancels Sunday Night dinner

President of something

  • Mom: so I've been reading the Steve Jobs biography. Did you know that Bill Gates was also in that whole computer business?
  • Me: really mama, really?
  • Mom: well you know with the political thing and all...
  • Me: (sigh) you've got to be kidding me! I think you have Al Gore and Bill Gates confused mama!
  • Mom: (confused state)
  • Me: Al Gore was vice-president and Bill Gates is Microsoft
  • Mom: right... That's what I was saying
  • *cover my face wishing no one can see we are related*

When someone asks why you don’t WOD in the mornings…